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Improving biodiversity’s resilience to climate-and human-induced threats 

through nursing positive Human-Herpetofauna Interactions



12 months (12.2023 - 12.2024)

About the project

HerpTrust project, tailored to the ERASMUS+ Horizontal Priorities for the environment and fight against climate change, aims to build outputs for the promotion of positive Human-Herpetofauna Interactions (HHI) while enabling citizen and professional stakeholders alike to participate in data collection that is currently lacking for many reptile and amphibian species, further contribution to their protection and management at a local level.

A total of 5 activities will be implemented through the HerpTrust project. Activity 1 will promote positive HHI through educational courses while activity 2 will give stakeholders the opportunity to engage in HHI using a web tool. The replicability e-package created during activity 3 will support positive HHI through a collection of additional resources and material. Activities 1-3 will be implemented in both Malta and Cyprus, and will be further promoted through two local Multiplier events.

This project aims to deliver tools and VET material that is currently lacking for herpetofauna, in order to train approximately 100 stakeholders, in topics related to positive HHI. The produced material will cater to the target groups and will be adjusted for Malta and Cyprus accordingly. Some examples of the project results: 1) e-course, b) web tool for herpetofauna observations, c) replicability e-package for VET activities targeting positive HHI. All available in 3 languages (MT, GR, EN).